About Beannachar

Beannachar provides training for young adults on a residential and day basis. We are a community of around 60 people, of whom 36 have particular support needs. Our aim is to create a therapeutic integrated environment, within which young people can find the support and guidance they need to develop their full potential in maturing from adolescence to adulthood.

By balancing the elements of work, home life, personal development, social and cultural interaction within Beannachar and in the local surroundings, we attempt to live a meaningful, wholesome and fulfilling life together. The rhythms of the day, the week and the year alternate times of rest with activity, quieter times with high moments, and this can be seen to provide meaning and a sense of security for all members of the community.


To find out more, visit their website: www.beannachar.co.uk




Beannachar Camphill Community
South Deeside Road
Banchory Devenick
AB12 5YL

t: 01224 861200
e: elisabeth@beannachar.org