Meet the Team

Camphill Estates is run by a board of trustees, all of whom have a vested interest in the ethos of Camphill and it's operating companies, and a support team. The board consists of representatives of the 5 local Camphill charities, Newton Dee and independent members with relevant skills and experience. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

CRSE Board of Trustees

Dr Stefan Geider

Joined CRSE: 1999
Stefan was appointed as Chairperson in 2017 following a longstanding association with CRSE and Camphill through his work as a GP.

I am excited to be involved with CRSE at such a crucial stage of its development and I’m looking forward to working with the board and operating companies to help bring projects to fruition.

Tony Crabbe

Joined CRSE: 2006
Retired company director from the construction trade.

"I have always been interested in helping children and young people develop their potential. I find my involvement very satisfying and hope I have assisted in the giving something back to Camphill." 

Elisabeth Phethean

Joined CRSE: 2004
Elisabeth has been a coworker in Camphill communities for over 40 years, in Germany and Scotland.

"I am enthusiastic about supporting development in our communities...which open up when we work together in this way, pooling our experience and knowledge for the good of all."

Bernhard Menzinger

Joined CRSE : 2009
Bernhard has been part of Camphill for nearly 40 years and brings his knowledge and experience of Camphill to the Board.

“It is really exciting to be involved in aspects of the developments of the various communities."

Fred Stevenson-Robb

Joined CRSE: 2018
Fred has a wealth of experience in management and business negotiation following his involvement with the University of Aberdeen and three Singapore-based companies.

"I and my family have benefitted hugely from Camphill and as a Trustee, I look forward to using my professional acumen to help support CRSE’s sustainability and development."

Ken Shaw

Joined CRSE: 2018
Ken is a qualified Chartered Surveyor with over 30 years experience dealing with commercial property across the UK. He is presently a Partner of Ryden, based in Aberdeen.

“I am enthusiastic about the upcoming developments of CRSE and keen to contribute my skills to achieve their successful delivery.”

Support Team

Catherine Redgate

Catherine joined the Camphill Estate team in October 2017 to provide administration support for a new office. Her role includes the development of CRSE's professional image including the website, logo and professional branding.
01224 864242

Bill Moir
Property Administrator

Bill joined CRSE in November 2015 as Business Services Manager following his earlier role with Simeon as Project Coordinator for their new Care Home.

"I find the nature of the work very varied which makes for an interesting workload.  I like to think I can use my expertise in Surveying and Development Investment for the benefit of the Camphill Communities."
07981 183676

Judith Taylor
Minutes Secretary

Judith joined Camphill Estate in April 2017 and produces the minutes not just for CRSE but also those of the five Camphill charities plus the Camphill Social Fund.

"I enjoy the interaction I have with both the board members and the management at all of these charities and find it interesting hearing about the many and varied issues under discussion.  I enjoy writing and producing reports so this job is right up my street!"

Barry Gibson
Finance Director

Barry joined CRSE in March 2019 as Finance Director. With a background in finance including Director level roles with RBS and Santander, Barry will provide consultancy advice to the Board of Trustees.

"I have known of Camphill for many years and have always admired its services and the excellent work it delivers for its community. I hope to use my financial experience to help such a worthwhile cause by supporting CRSE as they embark on a time of change and growth."

Fiona Kiltie

Fiona has worked within Camphill for nearly 40 years - including Camphill Schools - and is currently involved with finance for the Social Fund, Camphill Estates and Newton Dee.