Camphill communities are places where people with and without support needs
come together to work, live and support one another.


Camphill is a worldwide movement with over 100 independent charities (often referred to as 'communities') supporting individuals with additional support needs to lead meaningful lives and to reach his / her fullest potential.

There are 11 Camphill charities in Scotland, from Aberdeen to Dumfries and Galloway supporting over 500 people from early childhood through to older age. About two thirds of these people live in the community, with the rest coming in to work during the day.  In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, there are 7 Camphill charities and Camphill Estates owns the land of five of these charities.

Each community varies in size, and different communities specialise in working with people at different stages in their lives. Communities can be found in urban and in rural settings and although each community therefore offers different opportunities, they all share a common life-sharing community ethos:

  • the contribution made to community life by each person is valued
  • everyone is appreciated for who they are, their unique personality and the special qualities they bring to community life.

The Camphill philosophy is that no matter what anyone's outward disability may appear to be, the spirit - the essential core that makes
us all human - always remains whole.

Therefore, everyone is deserving of equal respect and opportunities in life so that all may be able to fulfill their potential.

Life in Camphill

Adopting a holistic approach, the communities offer education, training, work and living opportunities for vulnerable children, young people, adults and older people whilst providing them with help and encouragement to reach their full potential.

To find out more, download Camphill Scotland's Life in Camphill' booklet for an introduction to some of the people living in Camphill and the different opportunities that the Camphill charities in Scotland have given them.