About Camphill Estates

Camphill Estates (CRSE) is a charity organisation which owns the land and property
of five Camphill charities in Aberdeen City and Shire:


Established in 1945, Camphill Estates works in partnership with these five independent charities to help build futures for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and additional supports needs. Camphill Estates aims to work for the benefit of the charities, promoting engagement and awareness of the Camphill ethos.

To find out more about the world-wide movement of Camphill, visit Camphill Scotland.

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Our role in the community

Camphill Estates holds regular meetings with the Board of Trustees and the outcomes are shared with each Camphill charity.
We have supported a number of development projects including the upgrade of Cairnlee House and restoration of Murtle Estate utilities.

Camphill Estates provides an important and successful platform in which to provide financial support for the development of capital projects within each charity.   

- Jeannie Carlson,  Trustee of CRSE

Our ethos

Camphill Estates understands the importance of the Camphill ethos.

Each member of a Camphill community helps to create, shape and sustain the social and spiritual fabric that makes a community a therapeutic environment and a place of mutual respect and social and spiritual creativity. The relationship is based on mutual trust, a shared vision and inner-commitment to the principles, values and aims of each community and to all those participating in its life.

With a willingness to respond to the needs of the communities and its residents, Camphill Estates aims to foster this attitude through its relationship with each charity and it's recognition of it's corresponding community.